虽然这些软件e tools (also known as software platforms) initially just focused on influencer search and discovery, they have widened the services they now offer. Indeed, you can run virtually an entire influencer campaign using one or a combination of these apps or other types of software.





Grincapitalizes on the genuine influence of influencers. Its philosophy is that influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer – brands need to build a trusting relationship with potential influencers.


It offers all the significant features that a top-tier marketing management software should and organizes it all into workflows so that users never get lost. Grin integrates with all the major social media channels, eCommerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, email systems like Gmail and Outlook, real-time communications like SMS and Slack, and Office tools like Google Drive and Office 365.

Services Offered:内容放大,搜索/发现,影响力生命周期管理,影响者关系管理,内容审查,内容库,广告系列管理,竞选报告,影响者分析,观众分析,电子商务工具,产品/赠品工具,形式和遵守,

频道:Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube




电子商务businesses can connect their online store to Upfluence’s software to discover influencers who visit their website and activate them through dedicated campaigns

品牌和代理商可以通过最新搜索来查找使用尽可能多的关键字的影响者。您可以在每个关键字上放置一个相对的重量。Upfluence.covers all major social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, and TikTok.

Services Offered:搜索/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Lifecycle Management, Influencer Relationship Management, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Review, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Payment Processing, Social Listening,



CreatorIQ依赖于其技术软件来简化影响者营销过程,并解决了一些长期困扰整个行业的问题,例如,追随者欺金博宝188备用网址诈,膨胀度量和雇佣军的影响。该公司于2019 Martech奖项中被评为最佳影响者营销平台金博宝188备用网址。

CreatorIQ integrates directly with social platform APIs and its AI-powered algorithm analyses over 1 billion public social accounts and their content. The marketing software considers more than 15 million creator accounts worthy of being indexed on the system. It is a discovery software tool that will show you influencers who are astoundingly relevant. The AI assigns each influencer an “Integrity Quotient.”

Services Offered:搜索/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Relationship Management, Content Review, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, E-commerce Tools, Product/Gifting Tools, Forms and Compliance, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing,

频道:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, Blogs


Although Klear offers many influencer marketing services, its main strength is the quality of its data. It initially focused on Twitter influencers but now also analyzes those on other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In fact, it has over 900 million influencers in its database. Its AI has classified these influencers across 60,000 topic categories, offering deep analytics about audience demo- and psychographics.

One of the tools within Klear is “Monitors,” hybrid social listening/analytics software. Not only can you use it to monitor mentions of your own business, but also those of your competitors and selected hashtags. Klear uses this data to teach its algorithms the kind of accounts and content relevant to your brand. They use this to help discover suitable influencers for your business and give brands the contextual data they need to accomplish their goals.


Taggerbegan life as a music recommendation engine but discovered how its software could be adapted for influencer marketing. Tagger tracks more than 9 billion social conversations, resulting in an incomprehensible amount of data points—all indexed, analyzed, and searchable, by brands and agencies.



Services Offered:搜索/Discovery, Automated Recruiting, Influencer Marketplace, Team Collaboration Tools, Content Library, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing, Social Listening, Competitor Research,

频道:Instagram Facebook, Twitter、YouTube, TikTok


Creator.co.’s focus is as much on creating content as it is on distributing it. As its name indicates, it is a tool to bring together brands and creators. It mainly targets small and medium-sized businesses wanting to work with nano and micro-influencers. It offers two very different plans. Self-Serve gives you all the self-service features of the platform. You use the tool to find suitable influencers and manage the campaign yourself. Alternatively, you might opt for the Community Driven plan, where you create a campaign and then let the software take it from there. The software selects suitable influencers, who then apply to take part. Brands accept or decline any influencer who applies, and every other section of the campaign occurs behind the scenes.

What sets Creator.co apart are their “Deep Insights” reports available for any influencer. They present all the data you expect in a greater context than usual. They export these Insight reports as PDFs in excess of 15 pages, and they contain an incredible amount of data and analysis.



A unique service offered by #Paid is Whitelisted Ads. With these, you can whitelist specific creators and content for use with paid Facebook and Instagram ads. #paid connects with Facebook Ads Manager and allows these ads to be pushed into timelines and feeds under the creator’s handle. These posts are still marked as Sponsored Posts, but the fact that they are not coming from a brand account gives them a more authentic feel to audiences. When you set up a campaign, you can specify the percentages of your budget allocated to organic posts and whitelisted ads.



The heart of the NeoReach software is data. It features a mind-boggling array of information for each influencer in its database.



Services Offered:Campaign Management, Search/Discovery, Influencer Relationship Management, Team Collaboration Tools, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Forms and Compliance,




您可以轻松识别高性能的影响力,软件有工具培养这些关系。其推荐引擎指出了与您合作的人相似的影响因素。还有工具将广告系列内容重新发挥为付费广告。AspireIQ还包括社交听力能力,帮助您跟踪您的品牌提到,保留那些人的名单。您甚至可以监控竞争对手的社交活动。Pricing for Aspire IQ’s three levels of service is customized and requires a yearly commitment.

Services Offered:搜索/发现,影响者关系管理,影响者市场,团队协作工具,内容审查,内容库,广告系列管理,广告系列报告,电子商务工具,产品/赠品工具,形式和合规,支付处理,社会听力,竞争研究,视觉发现,影响含量放大,



邮寄租金is marketplace software that describes the process of influencer marketing in its name. It serves all sizes of brands and has plenty of room for agencies and talent managers, as well.


As with most of this influencer software, Post for Rent includes a Discover tool to find influencers who’ll be a good fit for your brand. It includes a database of more than 154k profiles, although you can also look at people you already would like to work with. The influencer analysis for each profile is in-depth.

Services Offered:Influencer Marketplace, Search/Discovery, Team Collaboration Tools, Campaign Management, Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Product/Gifting Tools, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection, Payment Processing,

频道:Instagram Facebook, Twitter、YouTube, TikTok, Blogs, Snapchat


Juliusis now a full-fledged self-service influencer marketing suite, with nearly 120,000 influencers in its database. It includes over 50 different criteria for narrowing a search, with demographic and psychographic data for influencers and audience.

Julius is software-as-a-service (SASS), and you pay an annual fee. The specific fee you’ll pay depends on the number of users you’ll want to have access to the software. All subscriptions come with complete access to the platform, unlimited messaging, custom influencer lists, and a dedicated and on-demand account manager for guidance/assistance.



Fanbytes.places a strong emphasis on helping marketers reach Generation Z. Unsurprisingly, it focuses on the social networks most used by 13 - 24-year-olds – TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. In its early days, the Fanbytes software was very much Snap-based, but it has recognized the recent surge in TikTok usage, particularly by Generation Z.


Brands work with Fanbytes on a campaign-by-campaign basis, spending whatever their budget will allow for each one.



It acts as a frontend for deploying your ads—you can create the ads, set your budget, and push everything through your influencer accounts to Facebook and Instagram directly from within Lumanu.

亮度nu allows marketers to do more than they can with Facebook/Instagram’s Branded Content Tool. You can target influencer audiences, make edits to influencer copy, and run A/B tests between different headlines.


下一个is the second platform Post for Rent has created (its “next” platform), focusing on cutting down the administrative tasks needed to operate successful influencer marketing campaigns. It mainly targets more sizable brands and agencies, many of whom work with hundreds of influencers.

Post for Rent is currently offering NEXT on a 60-day free trial, so you can view how you can use it to oversee all of your contracts, payments, team efficiency, content, reporting, and documentation in one place. In addition, it integrates well with some of your other software, like Google Drive, DocuSign, and Slack.



板条is an influencer marketplace, with its focus being on executing campaigns quickly and at scale. There’s no influencer discovery or relationship management software. It believes you can use separate influencer discovery software to find great influencers and data insights. As an influencer marketplace, PitchBoard believes it makes you more effective at reaching new and different influencers.





影响的人工智能软件使用形象recognitio开放n to label images with descriptors, all of which become searchable. For example, the algorithm understands the difference between a person in a t-shirt and somebody practicing yoga. You see images showing you what you want to see, unlike most influencer software. Once you’ve found someone who’s just right, the software can do a look-alike search to discover other influencers just like that one. The software has indexed over 20 million recognized keywords for interests-based searches, and it only indexes for engaged users, not audiences as a whole.

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Fanbytes.places a lot of emphasis on assisting marketers to reach Generation Z. It is an influencer marketing software solution that concentrates mostly on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. A brand can work with Fanbytes on a campaign-by-campaign basis and spend whichever they can afford for each campaign.

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