The Ultimate Guide to Utilizing Influencers for eCommerce

金博宝188备用网址影响力营销为其赢得了作为一个关键的地方marketing channel for eCommerce brands due to its impressive ROI, high influencer engagement rates, and strategic targeting of online audiences. Brands can achieve their goals with influencer marketing by leveraging the credibility of influencers through sponsored endorsements. Indeed, it’s one of the most effective marketing initiatives for eCommerce brands, big or small. Many eCommerce companies have launched their brands with great success by partnering with influencers, just like these familiar names: Glossier, Naked Juice, and Audible.




这里的秘诀是确定您最有影响力的客户,那些热爱您的品牌并拥有宝贵的在线社交范围的人,赋予他们“有机影响者”的身份。尽管社会影响力的水平可能会有所不同,但您会发现有影响力的人可以作为大使或作为竞选活动的微型影响者激活您的品牌。要开始从电子商务客户那里识别和发展自己的影响者网络,请使用诸如此类的工具Upfluence Live Capture,这无缝集成到您的电子商务网站中,并通过弹出窗口收集用户共享的社交数据。从每个用户的社交处理中Upfluence了这样的见解as follower count and engagement rate so brands can identify influencers at a glance!


在有影金博宝188备用网址响力的营销中,通常搜索一个有影响力的人,该影响者根据客户人口统计数据在目标受众中拥有社交追随者。这就是为什么直接从您的客户那里招募有影响力的人对希望吸引新但相关受众的电子商务品牌的战略性。已经与您的品牌一起购物的有影响力者可能会有与您的目标客户直接相匹配的受众。例如,在网上销售女士服装品牌购物的Instagram影响者可能会有追随者可以反映其兴趣,在这种情况下是女性的时尚。对于强大的影响者营销,电子金博宝188备用网址商务品牌应与创作者的横截面合作,这些创作者不仅具有强大的在线覆盖范围,而且是您品牌的忠实拥护者。In fact, a significant advantage of working with influencers from within your customer base is that you’re guaranteed to be collaborating with someone who gets your target audience, both in terms of demographics (age, sex, location) but also psychographics (the mindset and affinities of your customer). After all, they're one and the same!


  1. 我可以看到这个影响者使用和爱我的产品吗?
  2. Is their audience relevant to my customer base?
  3. 这个影响者的内容是否与我的价值观和目标保持一致?
  4. 我看到这个影响者代表我的品牌吗?
  5. 这个影响者有真实的还是假的追随者?
  6. Can I afford to work with this influencer?

By looking for influencers within your customer base, you’ve already checked a few boxes on the list above: They use and love your product, which means they naturally align with your brand, and since they are already a customer, the authenticity level is unparalleled.



Outreach and onboarding are much more efficient when working with organic influencers, as they already know and love your brand, and are very likely to accept offers to collaborate (and at a much cheaper rate!). Using influencer data from Upfluence, brands can create strategic segmentation within their CRM enabling tailored outreach to organic influencers with theUpfluence + Klaviyo集成。有影响力的数据直接将其导入到其Klaviyo数据库中,以丰富客户资料,并为有影响力的外展和电子邮件序列实现精确的定位。

通过创建专门的影响者细分市场,品牌可以轻松创建有影响力的客户并设计外展邮件,以根据其社交能力将其作为影响者激活。Precise segmentation in Klaviyo allows for brands to launch multiple programs at once that engage different groups within their customer base. To craft the perfect outreach message, consider the following elements:

  • Thanking them for their brand loyalty
  • 协作的提议 - 概述竞选活动的目标和简报的概述
  • Incentives - what can you offer them in return?
  • Don’t forget to personalize the message as much as possible such as including their name, their social media handle, and information about their purchases from your brand.
To ensure you communicate the goals and content expectations of your influencer campaign, we’ve outlined 6 steps to a successful influencer brief 帮助您与有影响力的客户建立合作伙伴关系。

Designing campaigns to leverage organic affinity


Content formats such as ‘how-to’ videos or product reviews help influencers educate their followers about the value of your products. Brands should take note that72%的客户prefer learning about a product or service through a video and build this into their campaigns. Video content performs well because it is much easier to share thanks to the popularity of Instagram stories, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. So be sure to adapt campaign content for the channels that are optimized for video sharing.


一种nother method of generating sales with influencer marketing is by creating campaigns using promotional codes and affiliate links. Your organic influencers will be able to use their own experience to make the case for purchasing from your brand. With this technique, an influencer would promote a product across their channels and share a specific URL (an affiliate link) earning a commission for each sale. Working with influencers for affiliate marketing is particularly effective as their targeted and engaged audiences are likely to be interested in product promotions in their area of interest. Optimize your influencer campaign by using theUpfluence + Shopify集成to generate and track promotional codes used by each influencer and create affiliate campaigns. This allows eCommerce brands to scale word-of-mouth recommendations through influencers to directly boost sales. Tracking the progress of each sale has never been simpler thanks to theUpfluence + Shopify集成,实时向品牌展示其投资回报率。

Measuring goals & ROI


  • Number of sales generated through affiliate links
  • Number of website visits
  • Number of newsletter signups
  • Number of followers on your brand account
  • 参与广告系列标签
  • 而且不要忘记创建的新质量品牌内容的数量

If you’re running a campaign with multiple influencers it’s a good idea to use a campaign management tool to be able to easily track your desired metrics and report back on the success of your campaign. Instead of extracting data manually from social platforms, use a tool likeUpfluence software随着时间的推移,测量和跟踪您的广告系列表现。这意味着品牌可以轻松地进行调整以提高性能并适应新的环境和算法更改,或者简单地完成已证明有效的事物!



E-commerce brands should embrace working with influencers in order to leverage the significant role played by social media channels and creator content in the journey to online purchases.十分之八的消费者have gone on to buy an item after seeing it recommended by an influencer. We’ve learned that authenticity is king when it comes to influencer partnerships that convert, and there’s no one more authentic than an influential customer to sing your brand’s praises on social media!

电子商务影响者营销策略,通金博宝188备用网址过使用手动影响者搜索和外展的耗时的过程Upfluence Live Capture和its integrations, gives brands more time to focus on other elements of the campaign. An influencer campaign based on data-driven insights from your database will deliver the best results across the board. Why? Because the newestUpfluence Live Capture integrations为您的客户群提供新的观点,允许品牌指出哪些个人可以激活有影响力的营销,品牌大使计划或会员活动。金博宝188备用网址与真正的客户合作时,有机品牌亲和力是有机品牌,并有机会培养长期创建者合作伙伴关系。有理由认为,对于彻底改变其时代零售的电子商务品牌,最好的前进方法是一种革命性的影响者营销方法。金博宝188备用网址

露西·迈克尔迪斯(Lucy Michaeloudis)

露西·迈克尔迪斯(Lucy Michaeloudis)是影响者营销领先的软件Upfluence的内容经理。金博宝188备用网址在她的角色中,她利用了Upfluence的尖端数据见解和影响者的营销专业知识,为希望将其影响者运动提升到一个新水平的营销人员创造工金博宝188备用网址具和资源。188金宝慱网站通过数据驱动的技术创业公司,Upfluence通过激活品牌网络中的影响者来帮助建立真实的合作伙伴关系。