Lifecycle Marketing

It’s easier and, possibly, more cost-efficient to take care of current customers than to find and build relationships with new ones. Applying lifecycle marketingis one way of helping you with customer retention. This type of marketing strategy involves designing and implementing strategies that would help keep customers engaged throughout their entire buying experience.

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

Lifecycle marketingis an approach that highly focuses on aiding customers and addressing their problems or needs at every stage of their consumer journey. It requires great knowledge about your customers, what they are looking for, what concerns they usually have, and what keeps them interested.

It entails crafting marketing activities and content across different channels that provide support to prospects and returning customers as they go along their path-to-purchase.


  • It empowers you to improve customer experiences.

This marketing strategy prompts you to map out evaluate customer paths. While there are pre-built ones available to the public, creating a customized journey map can help you enhance your business’scustomer lifetime valuechart.

  • It strengthens a brand’s connection with its customers.

这种方法迫使您更好地了解客户群,并看到机会,您可以通过这些机会来满足他们的需求。这有助于您的业务build stronger relationshipswith them and empowers you to strengthen your brand’s image.

  • It can help transform customers into brand advocates.

When done well,生命周期的营销is a self-sustaining way of getting more customers while keeping current ones. Successfully satisfying and continuously engaging current customers would encourage them to talk about or vouch for your brand.

What is the Lifecycle Marketing Process?

许多公司和企业,包括初创企业,都采用了这种营销策略,因为它是非常可持续的。然而,生命周期的营销isn’t as simple as asking customers about what they want. There aresteps you need to taketo keep your customers interested and coming back for more.

  • Targeting


  • Engaging

You can get their attention via different types of communication materials, such as videos, infographics, or social content. You can encourage them to share information with you via web forms by offering special benefits, like discounts, free trials, or members-only content.

During this stage, some tasks such as email or publishing social media content can beautomated.

  • 转换

This step entails crafting a compelling brand story and providing helpful information that would influence buying decisions and make your product or service the top choice when the customer is finally ready to purchase.

You can create a buying process map and provide hard-to-resist offers to help move your customers towards buying your product or availing of your service.

  • Acquiring


  • 充实

Ensure proper delivery of purchased goods or services. During this stage, you can employ strategies that can impress your customer enough to come back again.

  • Activating


Your happy customers will most likely becomebrand advocateswho would recommend your product or service to other people with the same wants and needs.

  • Evaluating

It is also important to keep track of each customer’s buying process. Identify the weak points in your buying process map. Is your offer a bit lacking? Did a product suggestion turn them off? Is there not enough incentive to buy you?

These questions will help you strengthen and improve your customer journey map. Designingan effective lifecycle marketing strategy entails a lot of time and effort. You may choose to do it on your own for your business or hirebranding agencies从头到尾都可以帮助您。这些代理商可帮助您为客户,重新定位广告和社交媒体设置自动电子邮件,并为您的网站做准备以进行客户个性化。

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