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As influencer marketing becomes a more focused marketing strategy, we’re seeing a lot more platforms purpose-built towards tangible goals and outcomes. By “tangible,” we mean the money that you can touch when you make a sale. Five years ago, a platform needed only to tout its ability to “build awareness” or “forge authentic connections” or say any other feel-good word salad meant to distract you from the fact there was no way to measure whether you got your money’s worth. It’s not that awareness isn’t important: it is. Essential, even. But it’s only step one. Imagine wanting to buy an all wheel drive car and meeting with a salesperson who boasts “You know, Subaru is a company that makes what you’re looking for” and then walks away from the conversation forever. This is what solely building awareness gets you. Converting awareness to sales, on the other hand, requires more strategy—and the tools to implement that strategy.

Gen.Video是影响者营销行业的相对新来者,但是其母公司(Expo Comm金博宝188备用网址unications)在营销,用户生成的内容和电子商务的交集中经验了将近二十年的经验。等式中唯一缺少的是影响者,但是您可以原谅他们在发射时不潜入其中。博览会通信预期有影响力的营销大约十年。金博宝188备用网址这对公司的证明是,它并没有依靠已经令人印象深刻的成就,而是认识到有机会服务新的利基市场的机会。

Gen.videohas made the most of this opportunity, essentially taking the best of what influencer marketing has to offer and integrating it into a content syndication network that regards social media channels as a salesperson would the concept of awareness: it’s essential, but only the first step in a much longer process. This means that, using, when brands pay for UGC, they’re amassing a library of marketing assets that can be deployed out to channels well beyond social media. How far beyond? Read The Details and find out.



Video Gen.Video并没有公开定价,尽管他们确实说他们针对具有电子商务足迹的中型市场品牌。以三种方式之一提供访问:

  • 自助服务 -The team will work with self-service customers to adequately onboard and then hand control of the reins over to them. Licenses are sold on annual basis.
  • Managed Services —正是听起来的样子,也每年提供。
  • 一次性的活动,Not something they make an effort in pushing, but sometimes customers come to wanting to just run a single campaign. The pricing for this would be highly customized.



At first glance, looks like any influencer marketplace, with a workflow that starts at the campaign level. Because I just used the word “marketplace,” it’s important to point out here that is not that. There’s no database of influencers for Discovery, no broadcast out to a community for recruiting purposes. This is just not where the focus is for this platform, and as you read on you’ll see why that is—the platform doesn’t feel any lighter or more lacking for not including this feature (and, in fact, more and more platforms are shedding the computational overhead of search and discovery in favor of more practical features). Suffice it to say that you’re expected to bring your own roster of influencers (or discover them elsewhere); provides excellent tools for relationship management and providing the data for you to refine that roster moving forward.

因此,回到广告系列的创建中:因为该平台是为了采购与特定产品相关的视频内容而构建的,所以您定义每个广告系列的方式的方式 - 您猜对了,特定于特定的。与其他市场一样,您将输入预算,然后将部分分配给您的付费工作和免费产品费用。You’ll do all the brief-y kind of things you’d expect, like describe the goals, upload visual collateral (including b-roll footage for influencers to edit into their videos), set dates, and define the deliverables you’re looking for.

Where this goes beyond expectations is how this ties into the sales reports once things go live. pulls in data from just about anywhere your product is sold: your own website, of course, but also major retailers like Amazon, Wal-mart, and Target in the form of affiliate marketing data. Toward this end, part of the campaign setup includes defining categories, subcategories, competitors, and their products. All of this comes back to you in reporting that doesn’t just report on sales, but gives a birds eye view of your product and brand in the larger retail landscapes you’re a part of.

Deeper into the campaign setup, you’re creating specific profiles of the product or products you’re promoting. You’ll upload images of each, along with a link to the product page at any of the retailer websites you can find it on. With this information, and at the click of a button you can create a landing page for the product, the link for which gets served up to your influencer’s audiences (trackably, of course) as part of their posts. From that page they can select their retailer of choice in order to buy the product.

With the campaign having been fully setup, you can go ahead and start adding influencers from your roster to it. It’s in the management of these influencers that you can see another way in which excels. It’s as thorough an IRM as you can get, making it simple to manage: contract templates, rights to the content, payment agreements, shipping logistics (for free products), posts they’ve made, tracking links—even inventory alerts for the product associated with that link.

在内容管理模块中,图书馆的地方y of all content that’s been submitted by your influencers, once again surpasses expectations. Because these videos are conceived of as having a use beyond the initial social media post, there’s a higher level of professionalism to the tools used for the approval process. Comments and feedback can be left at specific points in the video, so there’s immediate context for what’s being said. A built in speech-to-text tool makes this possible, where feedback can be give along with some highlighted portion of the video transcript (That speech-to-text feature also automatically generates the closed captioning file that most retailers require along with product videos). There’s also a very advanced version management aspect to this, so multiple versions of the same video can be tracked, noting with the notes serving as a guide to what’s been changed.


  • An overall summary breaks down performance against predetermined KPIs: reach, impressions, engagement, sentiment analysis, cost per click, click-through rate, and more. You’ll also see a post by post rundown showing, among other things, how much you spent for the post, and how much traffic and revenue you’re getting from it.

  • A summary of influencer performance that makes it immediately clear which creators you’re getting your money’s worth from, and which might not be worth the investment.
  • 零售摘要分别显示了每个零售商的销售和流量绩效。在亚马逊vs Target上有多少人购物?每个点击率是多少?哪些产品?这些是这里回答的问题之一。
  • 平台摘要显示了类似的指标,但社交渠道被打破了。

The one gripe I could make, if I had to make one, is the lack of audience data provided along with the campaign reporting. It makes sense that doesn’t show this to you up front; this kind of influencer and audience analysis is generally done as part of the data ingestion for a Discovery module. It is helpful to know after the dust settles on a campaign who in the audience is engaging and buying. That only makes it easier to refine your influencer roster accordingly. This is a pretty minor critique, though, of what is an impressive and unique platform.



Gen.videolets these brands capitalize on the organic, feel-good social media strategy that is a modern day business requirement, and then gives them a way to manage it all on the back end, converting good will and great content into more traffic and sales.

Services Offered:影响者关系管理Content ReviewContent Library广告系列管理E-commerce Tools产品/赠品工具形式和合规性

渠道:YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon Live, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch and Blog